Friday, July 8, 2016

Whole 30 Part 2

I am now on day 25 and the end is in site. 

Some General Thoughts:

- I still miss cheese but not as much
- I feel amazing
- I have slept through the night twice since I started this and haven't done that in years. And just in general I feel more well rested. 
- I have only had a few headaches and NO migraines
- I feel like I have a little more energy but not "tigerblood"
- I miss Chinese food.
- I have only had one stomach issue this whole time and I think it might have been food poisoning because the entire family was ill

Overall that is a lot of positives. Looking ahead to next week I have made a reintroduction plan that may or may not be edited. I haven't finalized but I liked laying it out so I know. 

I ate out once so far during this and it was at Chipotle with all approved ingredients. We are currently selling our house and had to leave last night at dinner time to let the house get shown and we seriously debated about going to the local Mexican place. Well I am glad that I did some research because the manager let me know they cook everything in some kind of soybean oil. I would have been so mad if I messed up this close to the finish line. My other inquiries have determined that you can eat at Chuy's (grilled chicken salad with salsa dressing) and Pita Pit (Philly steak salad no dressing) but I haven't tried those. 

My eyes have been opened to the amount of preservatives, fillers and crap that is in our food. I am seriously considering making a lifestyle change for my family and doing Paleo after I wrap this up. 

This has been a lot of work (especially while trying to sell a house) but it has definitely been something I would recommend. 

Here are some of my favorite eats from the past two weeks:

A play off of bang bang shrimp from I used Franks red hot mixed with a little dump ranch. 

Sweet potatoes taste sweeter now. This is with clarified butter that I made.

Leftover roasted chicken with compliant salsa from Whole Foods and Guac. 

Steak! Grilled potatoes and green beans. 

Banger sausage patties that I made from Whole30 book over spinach, onion and a fried egg on top. 

Crispy skin grilled chicken. 

Roasted potatoes, Premade turkey burgers from Costco and green salad with dump ranch. 

This was a game changer. Bananas with a drizzle of Almond butter and some cinnamon. It was like a real dessert after all this time with no sugar. (I ate this with and without green apples)

Crockpot Chuckroast, with carrots and potatoes and green beans. 

Fresh Blackend Red fish we caught over a green salad with dump ranch. 

Grilled Chicken salad with dump ranch and Tessamae's Zesty ranch. I added boiled egg and some leftover compliant bacon. 

My two favorite dressings. I added paprika to the dump ranch. Yum! Also, I was not a fan of the Tessamae's Ceasar. It tasted like straight up horseradish. I was pissed that I wasted $6. 

Scrambled veggie eggs with my favorite banana mix. 

Who knew butternut squash with cinnamon was so good. Everyone in the house approved. 

Same salad as above this time with grilled shrimp. 

Bone broth turned out to be super easy and I used it in everything from gravy to mashed potatoes.