Thursday, June 23, 2016


So as of June 14th I am officially on Whole30. It has been super helpful and motivating for me to read about other people's experiences with it so I figured I would post about mine.

I will tell you so far it has been hard but as of today (10 days in) I feel like I have turned a corner. I think the first week was so brutal because I am a Diet Dr. Pepper junkie, I was eating WAY more sugar and junk than usual (part of the reason I decided to do this), and most importantly I did not properly plan.

Sure I read the book and even went to Costco and loaded up on meat and fresh veggies, but I am a dip person. I didn't realize that every sauce and condiment in my stash weren't Whole30 friendly. No soy sauce, ketchup, bbq, mustard sauce, salad dressing etc. This was a problem.

I will also tell you that I have never been a huge grilled chicken fan and that mixed with the soda withdraw and overall tiredness were enough to almost do me in.

But fast forward a week and I am great! I seriously haven't had the digestive issues that I normally do (I see a specialist), no headaches and I swear I think that I am thinking more clearly. I buckled down somewhere in the week and decided to plan better and get busy. It seriously made a huge difference.

One of the most helpful things I did was to make a pot of Slow Cooker Paleo Jalepeno Chili from (I just love her). I am a soup girl and this one was seriously good and I had lunch ready for the next two days and had one to put into the freezer. I will probably double this next time. She also has a ton of recipes for paleo (very similar to Whole30) just check the ingredients for complacency.

I also roasted a chicken in the oven. This recipe was delicious. You can throw in some carrots, potatoes or whatever with it and dinner is done. But wait there's more! The leftover chicken can be used in some soup, or Mexican taco salads the next night (I found some compliant salsa and Whole Foods aka Whole Pay Check). Then I took the whole carcass and threw it in the crock pot with some water, celery and carrots to make bone broth (so I didn't have to buy and organic non-gluten stuff).

So I will continue to update about my progress as I work through the 30 days. I can't wait for the Tigerblood phase if I feel this good already.



Diary of How I felt:

Day 1: Fine. Hungry.

Day 2: Headache. Might die. Realized I should have prepped more. Came home and made dressing.

Day 3: Dying. Headache for days. Found the joy of guacamole and felt better. More prep cutting up stuff and making stuff. Sigh.

Day 4: Woke up feeling pretty good. Lasted all day until about 3 p.m. Then a proverbial bus hit me. Lack of caffeine was serious today. Found the joy of NutPods (I'm sorry I can't drink coffee black. I am not that strong). They give you the creaminess back. Still not sweet but not bad. Realized I hadn't had a bm since day one.

Day 5: Woke up make coffee. Sat on couch. Felt like a truck hit me. "Might Kill All The Things." Also this is TMI so don't read the next line if you are squeamish, I had the biggest bm I have ever seen. (Gut healing???)

Day 6-7: Extremely tired. Didn't want to come home and cook. Just wanted cheese. Damnit I am a grown woman I can have cheese (I didn't). Soooo tired of meat. No headaches. BM at every meal (WHAT? Totally not like me.)

Day 8: Pretty good mood. Good energy. Still tired of meat. Still regular.

Day 9-10: Felt great. No headaches. No tummy trouble. Hubs cooked for me (all compliant ingredients).