Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Whole 30 Reintroduction

As I wrapped up my Whole30, I have realized that even though it was difficult at times to complete I was way more nervous about the reintroduction period. I felt like there was some confusing information as far as added sugar and slow roll versus fast track. 

Specifically this statement, "First, to give yourself a little breathing room, relax on the “no added sugar” rule. This doesn’t mean you’re eating cupcakes washed down with energy drinks, but if you want some maple chicken sausage, bacon with your eggs, ketchup on your burger, or the vinaigrette dressing that comes with your restaurant salad, go right ahead. Note that we’re not actually changing your diet much here—you were already eating meat, condiments, and salads with dressing on the Whole30. We’re just broadening your choices a bit, in a way that is unlikely to send you running for the nearest donut shop."

This was on the Whole30 website but I also read it in It Starts With Food. For me, I actually felt (and slept) so well that I was hesitant to start really reintroducing troublesome items. BUT I was interested in adding pre-made salad dressings and condiments back in. The amount of time needed to make these every week was enough to make me want to reintroduce those. Sure I would love to eat clean dressings but so far they are very hard to find or pretty expensive. 

BTW, the answer I got to this question was, "Big picture-wise, salad dressing is a bad example for Whole30 to use for the "relax on the no added sugar" tip, because you can pretty much guarantee that any dressing in a restaurant is going to use soybean oil."

So my take away is that if I want convenience I may be consuming more additives than I would like. For me, this is worth it though because I can't spare the extra time. Maybe one day, but not in my current juncture in life. 

So back to the reintroduction: 

Day 31 Legumes -

I got some gluten free soy sauce and had stir fry veggies with breakfast and lunch. (no issues) For dinner I made pinto beans in the Instapot.
There are beans in there I promise. :)

Result: Delicious (and I wasn't even missing beans) and no issues. Not a grumble nothing. 

Day 34 Dairy -

I realize this is technically out of order but I rationalized what I was doing that day and it made more since because the restaurant my family was eating lunch at has home-made ranch! So dairy it was. I had cheese in my eggs (actually feel like I liked them better without). For dinner we had beef tip stroganoff. I ate mine over veggies. 
Result: Tummy audibly grumbled all afternoon. In retrospect the ranch was very spicy (jalapeno ranch) so probably not the best idea. I think I will do a second reintroduction and be more careful. 

Day 37 Non gluten grains- 

This is today! I made some gluten free oatmeal. It was disgusting and I threw most of it away. I had one tortilla chip as I was packing my lunch (Skinnytaste.com Chili Popper Chili with corn chips), and it was GLORIOUS!! A couple of things, today was probably not the best day to start a reintroduction because our house is showing and we spent last night cleaning so no elaborate healthy meal. We grilled some compliant sausage and leftover veggies. I think the sausage messed up my stomach because it is NOT ok. But I really wanted corn chips. ;) The corn chips I got were organic Kirkland brand. 

I will update with the continued Non gluten grains in my next post.