Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Whole30 part 3

Today is day 29 of my Whole30. Let's talk about some NSV since I can't technically weigh my self (although I feel like I am much less bloated so I am hopeful for some kind of decrease there).


  • Less bloated
  • Skin/complexion looks amazing
  • Sleeping through the night (I just don't do this and it has been amazing)
  • No stomach problems (minus one that I think was food poisoning because the whole family got it)
  • WAY fewer headaches
  • I have kicked my soda habit (this is huge and I love that I am not a slave to acquiring a Diet Dr. Pepper all the time)
  • Overall feeling better
  • More energy, but I still wouldn't say "Tigerblood" (although one day I had a ton and it felt like Tigerblood on that day)
My whole family is also eating better. My toddler and husband have been getting down on sweet potatoes, lean cooked meat, veggies and fruit for snacks. We have been doing so well that I am starting to really look at moving to a more Paleo lifestyle. I just bought this book:

I haven't finished reading it, but it is a fun read and she has lots of different recipes for easy cooking paleo ideas.

Here is what I have been eating:

Roasted chicken. I baked it in the oven, veggies in the pan with it, sweet potatoes on the side. Easy clean-up and easy prep. 

G eating her Whole30 meal. :)

This looks gross but was actually really good. Banger sausage from book. Then I scrambled the eggs in the same pan with some onions and peppers. 

Shrimp salad again. I love seafood in the summer and shrimp are quick to cook. 

I seriously have been forcing myself to only eat this every few days. I would eat it everyday if not.