Tuesday, July 12, 2016

InstaPot Deal!!! For Amazon Prime Day!!!

Since I started Whole30 I keep reading about the Instapot. It is a one stop shop for cooking healthy meals in minutes. It is a pressure cooker, slow cooker, saute' cooker (so you can only have to use one pan), rice cooker, yogurt maker etc. There are whole facebook groups devoted to how many things you can do with it. 

I have really been wanting one but for $130 I couldn't bite the bullet. Today on Amazon Prime day it is $69!!! For the Duo (the newer module with high and low pressure). I got the 6 quart. 

This is also a good deal if you are wanting a bigger size. All three sizes are onsale on the link below. 

InstaPot Deal

You do have to be an Amazon Prime member to access the deal, but if you aren't here is the link for the free trail: Prime Free Trial.  Trust me once you go prime you won't be able to go back. 

If you already have an InstaPot let me know what your favorite recipes are. I can't wait to try it out!!!