Hi! I’m Jenn.

A wife, mama, cook, coupon-er and juggler! I grew up in the Panhandle of Florida, went to Mosley High School (with my husband who was in the same grade), and headed to Florida State University (GO NOLES!!) for college where I majored in Education. I was a teacher at the elementary level 6 years, and I loved helping little ones learn. For many years I worked almost exclusively with third and fourth grade children. When my husband got transferred to Tallahassee I changed it up a bit and began adult education/professional development in state government.
He really is nice, ignore the scowl! :)

I started a blog in 2011 after some encouragement from close friends, and it’s been a wonderful creative outlet for me. It began as a place where I would share meals that I had cooked, ways to make them healthier or ways that I figured out to save money on items that I wanted to buy. I primarily focused on healthy living at first but after getting pregnant with my beautiful daughter in 2012 my focus shifted to mommy life (naturally) topics as well.   😉

I hope this blog will be a space for all different types of women to gather and lift each other up.  It is my greatest hope and prayer that this blog isn’t just about food or shopping, but that it is an encouragement to women and a resource for those that want want to feel great about themselves.
Basically, I’m a wife and mom that just wants to look cute, live healthy and save money and I’m so honored and thankful that many of you ladies have joined me on this journey!