Thursday, March 31, 2016

Shrimp Alfredo - Sorta Not Healthy

So the other night Jason was laying on the couch making me slave in the kitchen...I know how rude! Just kidding, seriously I have been sick recently and he has waited on me hand and foot. What a good hubby! It was to the point that when it was time to go to the grocery store I had no idea what we even needed. So to thank him for all his slave labor, I got off the couch and cooked dinner. (I even let him pick)

We always buy this kind!
Jason requested shrimp Alfredo, and sense I had just bought the shrimp I was game too. WARNING! WARNING! This is not only not a healthy dish, it is far from healthy. We will call this our indulgence for the week, and just run an extra mile this weekend. LOL.
We already had some whole grain tortellini so that pasta went into the pan of boiling water. Meanwhile I melted a whole stick of butter (and it has to be real butter...I didn't specify this to a friend one time and he tried to make his new girlfriend Alfredo with margarine..YUCK!) and some freshly minced (or out of the jar) garlic. I let that heat that up so that the butter gets some flava. Then added a small container of heavy whipping cream, and 1/2 a small container (it will be bigger than the whipping cream container) of 1/2 and 1/2. I heated the cream up, and slowly mixed in a bag of grated Parmesan cheese...stirring constantly.  I seasoned mine with a little salt and pepper, and nature seasoning. When you get to this point it's decision time, if the consistency is thick enough for you than eat it, if not mix 1 TBS of cornstarch with a TBS of water and add it to the sauce.
Has to be the kind in the bag (Not that can stuff)
Towards the end of the noodles cooking I added some chopped fresh broccoli to the boiling water and multi-tasked. I also seasoned the shrimp and cooked them in a skillet until they were pink. Drain the water, add some sauce and shrimp and enjoy....Seriously it was soooo good!