Thursday, March 31, 2016

Easy Sloppy Steak Sandwich

Sloppy Steak Sandwich
I used to make this sandwich with any leftover steak that we had in the fridge, but since we are trying to watch our portion sizes (and I have a dog that is very good with the puppy dog eyes) we haven't had many leftovers. The other night I had thawed out a steak and wasn't feeling it when it came time to grill it up. So instead I seasoned it up with some all spice (I usually use a mix of Nature's Seasoning, Lowrey's, and pepper) and tossed it into a screaming hot skillet to sear on both sides. The time will obviously need to be altered depending on how you like your steak cooked. I like medium rare so 3-4 minutes on each side did the trick.
Meanwhile, I chopped up some green peppers, and onions and cooked them with a tablespoon of olive oil in the same skillet I used for the steak. You could also add mushrooms, sweet peppers, jalapenos...what ever you like. Once the steak was done I took it out and let it rest a minute or two before cutting into it. This helps it to stay juicy.
Look at all that goodness in that pan!

When the veggies were nice and soft, the chopped steak gets put back in the pan, along with some pepper jack Velveeta. Melt that up and then serve it on two pieces of whole wheat toast. They were a sloppy mess (hence the name Jason came up with) but oh so delicious.

  • What are your easy weeknight dinner staples?