Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Game of Thrones Jon Snow!!! Season 6 Episode 2

If you haven't watched this week's episode stop now! Seriously I am about to spoil everything and this was a good one...Are you still reading? Ok good you must have already watched it. I woke up super early on Sunday for a beach trip (which was amazing) so I conked out early and missed it, and thus had to avoid all social media and co-workers all day Monday. I seriously started our staff meeting by telling my team that I hadn't watched it yet and no one better ruin it. 

So now I can say JON SNOW IS ALIVE!!!! What is up with the GOT writers in season 6 making the absolute last 10 seconds of the show the most exciting of all!!! I knew that it wasn't coincidence that Melisandre was at Castle Black. So now that Jon Snow is back in the game, how about he is probably the son of Rhaegar and Lyanna (Bran also had a dream/trance where we got to see Lyanna for the first time). R + L = J so Rhaegar Targaryen would be fire for dragons and Lyanna Stark would be Ice as a ward of the North. Coincidence that the dang theme song is A Dance of Fire and Ice, I think not. 

Also, who also saw Ollie almost get chopped?!!

Similarly, I think there is no way that it is a coincidence that Tyrion is setting the other two dragons free...Could he be the third head of the dragon? He definitely was able to calm them unlike many others. There is also a lot of foreshadowing going on in previous seasons (to see what I mean click here). 

We also learned that Houdor's real name is Wylis and he used to speak. Clearly there is more to this story. I was recently reading a theory about how he may have been a warg like Bran and he was in the trance to long and couldn't come all the way out. It also said that he warged into Lyanna's horse. Not sure where all that was coming from but an interesting spin, no less.